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Business Ethics
Ethical Principles

Recognizing mutual trust between executives, employees, customers and shareholders as the indispensable source of the company’s competitiveness, UbiNS has been striving to establish and strengthen an organizational culture that is creating value and making trusted company and free from corruption and bribery. 
We follow ethical principles in all our management activities.

Ethical Principles


1. Ethic for Customers
   Recognizing that customers' trust and success is the future for us, we will always respect customers' opinions,

   understand customers and create values that are helpful for customers' growth.


2. Ethic for Employees
   We will respect the human rights of all employees and  pursue personal growth and corporate development with

   collaboration and communication by establishing a corporate culture of mutual respect.


3. Ethic for Shareholders
   We will actively pursue increases in investment return for shareholders by maximizing profits.

   We will honor its responsibility to shareholders and interested parties by announcing major financial

   and corporate information in good faith and in a timely fashion.


4. Ethic for business partners
   We will establish fair trade system based on mutual trust and build a corporate eco-system

   where interested parties co-exist and grow together.


5. Ethic for Society
   We will contribute to the growth of the country and society by fulfilling our responsibilities and duties such as

   job creation, payment of taxes and social contributions.