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Corporate Service Center

Telecommunication Network Construction & Installation


- B2B Telecommunication Service by Using Information Communication Network Technology  
- SK Telecom/SK Boardband’s  Corporate Service Product

   (Internet Leased Line,VoIP ,Mobile) Marketing 
- Making Strategy for Attracting New Customer 
- Marketing Support of SK Boardband for Customer Service Center Management


Main Product
 - Corporate Internet Leased Line
 - B2B Data Leased Line
 - VoIP Service
 - Mobile Phone & Additional Service for Corporate
 - Web Fax, Cloud 
 - CCTV based on IP Camera


Marketing Activity
 - Main Target : SME Company 
 - Marketing Stratety for Attracting New Corporate Customer 
 - Marketing Activity based on Office Building 
 - Differentiated Marketing by Region & Industry


Corporate Customer Center 
 - Opening Service Management  
 - Processing Inquiry of Corporate Customer
 - Control Customer Data Base by U_key